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What are the types of organic fertilizers?

soil is becoming barren due to the continuous use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture. And by eating fruits and vegetables prepared from chemical fertilizers, many types of diseases have started happening in people. In the early times, scientists used to encourage the use of chemical fertilizers to increase the yield and yield in agriculture. But due to the use of chemical fertilizers in excessive farming, the amount of moisture in the land is decreasing and the land has also become hard. In today’s article, we will talk about organic manure, its benefits and will give complete information about how to prepare organic manure.

What is organic fertilizer

Generally we see that all the farming farmers follow the animals. After eating animal feed, animal excrement, cow dung, remaining fodder or remaining green grass and tree leaves in the field after farming, compost prepared at home in many ways from the leaves of plants is called organic manure. Is. The compost prepared in this way has many benefits. This also increases the yield potential of the cultivated land.

What are the types of organic fertilizers

To do organic farming, a farmer can prepare 4 to 5 types of organic manure at home at a very low cost. If the farmer uses organic manure in his farming, then the farmer gets a lot of benefits in farming. For example, if the land has become barren due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers. So the land can be made fertile. And with the use of organic manure, more yield can be obtained from farming. Let’s talk about the method of making organic manure.

Method of preparation of earthworm manure

To prepare earthworm compost, first of all choose a shady place. After this you have to spread the remaining fodder after cultivating the land. Now a layer of 6 to 7 inches of animal manure has to be spread over the fodder. After this you have to leave the earthworm on this manure. Leave about 100 earthworms in a square foot space. Finally cover the entire compost with sack and plastic. Keep sprinkling water on this manure from time to time. In this way you can get earthworm manure after 20 months.

how many types of earthworms are there

Two types of earthworms are used to prepare organic manure. The first earthworm that goes deep into the ground. And there is another type of earthworm which does not go deep into the ground and keeps on doing the process of making organic manure only on the upper surface. This type of earthworm is used only in making earthworm manure. It is purple and red in color.

compost manure

Compost manure is prepared from household waste and fruits and vegetables after taking work and animal dung from spoiled food etc. Before starting the process of preparing compost, you should collect animal manure and leaves of trees and plants and spoiled fruits and vegetables in another pit.

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