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Learn How to Start profitable vermicompost business at low cost-Rahul

how to start vermicompost bussines

Learn How to Start vermicompost business at low cost-Rahul

Not being able to get a good job after studies have become a common problem, so the youth of the country has started searching for new options. Due to which they have not only become self-reliant but are also generating employment for others and are also earning huge profits.

This is what Rahul did, a farmer from Madhya Pradesh, whose father is also a farmer by profession. He came to know about and learned more about the business of vermicompost and from which he came to know that neither the maximum cost nor any large space is needed to start this business. Rahul tells that vermicompost The demand is very high not only in the villages but also in the cities.

To fulfill these demands, Rahul planted a plant of vermicompost in a small part of his farm.

What are the things needed to prepare Vermi Compost?

Rahul explains that to prepare vermi compost, no such material is required which is not easily available. He explains that only cow dung, vegetable peels, fruit peels, earthworms and vermilion are needed to make vermi compost.

 Rahul explains that we all know that in any village 60 percent are cattle rearers, so that they do not have any shortage of cow dung and they collect the waste of vegetables coming out of their village houses by putting them in VK vermibed.

Rahul explains that although we can prepare vermicompost by making a pit, he considers it appropriate to prepare vermicompost through VK pack well vermi bed, he says that the moisture in the vermicompost prepared in the pit remains so that its quality is affected.

Due to which there is a problem in selling vermicompost in the market, whereas the vermicompost prepared in V.K vermi bed does not retain moisture and due to lack of moisture, the quality of the finished compost is very good.

vermicomposting Bussines Costing

Rahul says that he had invested only ₹ 40000 in the initial phase to start this business, in which he had bought 18 vermi beds from V.K Packwell Company. and bought earthworms from village shops. all Expenses are included in this investment.

vermicomposting bussines profit

Rahul says that 12 * 4 * 2 vermi bed produces 600 kg of manure and the market value of 10 kg of manure is close to ₹ 600, according to this, you earn ₹ 36000 from one bed. And as Rahul Told that he started with 18 vermi beds, so he had about 10800 kg of manure ready from which he earned Rs 6,48,000. Rahul says that today he is running his plant with the help of 50 vermi beds.

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